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Infrastructure Policy And Adverse Impacts On Cyclists

Academic Outputs

Rodrigues, M. R., da Silva, A. N. R., & Teixeira, I. P. 2022. “Assessing the Applicability of the Cyclists’ Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) Classification to a Medium-Sized City in a Developing Country.” Journal of Transport & Health 24:101321.

Ramos, T. D. C., Silva, A. N. R. D., Souza, L. C. L. D., Dekoninck, L., Botteldooren, D., & Teixeira, I. P. 2020. “Cyclists’ Noise Exposure in a Brazilian Medium-Sized City.” Ciência & Saúde Coletiva 25:2891-2902.

Teixeira, I. P., da Silva, A. N. R., Schwanen, T., Manzato, G. G., Dörrzapf, L., Zeile, P., Dekoninck, L. & Botteldooren, D. 2020. “Does Cycling Infrastructure Reduce Stress Biomarkers in Commuting Cyclists? A comparison of five European cities.” Journal of Transport Geography 88:102830.

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    The DePICT project aims to determine which features of urban environments, local communities, and the governance of physical infrastructures influence walking and cycling and how these can be optimised to achieve sustainable urban mobility for all.

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